Enrolling Users in Courses without Learning Plans

Enrolling Users in Courses without Learning Plans

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to enroll users in courses without learning plans. It explains how to access the admin panel, select the course, and enroll users by checking their checkboxes. The guide also provides information on setting an expiration date for the enrollment and enrolling users in multiple courses at once.

If you would like to talk about automating part of this process, please reach out to launch@ue.org.

Note: Users can either be enrolled in courses by TAs, Managers, or they can self-enroll.

Accessing the Admin Panel

  1. Login to your admin panel at learn.ue.org

Accessing the Course Management Page

  1. To enroll users in an e-learning course, access the Admin menu by clicking on the gear icon.
  2. Click on Course management.

Enrolling Learners in a Course

  1. Find the course in the list of courses, then click on the ellipses on the righthand side.
  2. Then, click “Enroll Users”
  3. In the right panel that opens, select the users to enroll by checking the checkboxes next to their names.
    You can also select entire branches or groups of users from the corresponding tabs of the right panel

Please note: If you need to enroll all of the platform users in the course, use the Select All feature in the Users tab of the right panel.

4.Once you’ve selected the users, press Next.

5. If you would like to set an expiration date for the enrollment, click, Enable enrollment validity period.

If you set an enrollment deadline (using the Start of validity and the End of validity selectors), the users will be able to access the course only during the selected period.

After the deadline, they will still see the course card on the My courses and learning plans page, but they will no longer be able to access it.

6. Press Confirm to finalize the enrollments.

7. A background job is started to process the enrollments if the maximum number of enrollments exceeds 20. Remember that one enrollment is a combination of a single user and a single course, so selecting 3 courses and 2 users makes 6 enrollments.

Enrolling users in multiple e-learning courses

  1. If you wish to enroll more users in multiple e-learning courses, while on the Course management page, select the courses by using the checkboxes at the beginning of the courses’ rows, click on the Choose action button at the bottom right corner of the Course Management table and select the Enroll users option.

Enrolling Learners via a CSV File

Click this Manage Enrollments in the top right corner.

Click this Manage Enrollments via CSV.

Click “Enroll users”

Drop your user file into the appropriate area. Required fields are:

  1. Username: Email address
  2. Course Code: Can be found next to the course name in the course management page.
  3. Level: Student

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