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The My Team Page

If you are managing at least one user in the platform, open the Main Menu from the top left corner of your platform and click on My Team to access the My Team page that you can use to monitor and manage your team.

The My Team page is made up of the following tabs:

  • Team Members. The Team Members tab offers an overview of your team.

  • Checklists. The Checklists tab lists the checklists relating to your team members.

  • Reports. Use the Reports tab to download reports about courses, users, learning plans, certifications and sessions involving your team members.

  1. To access the My Teams page, first login to your account on
  2. Next, click the User Menu in the upper-left corner.
  3. Click “My Team”

My Team Page: Team Members

Note :The Team Members tab offers an overview of your team, where every user is identified by a card showing details about their job and activities.

The Team Members tab shows only active platform users, independently of their status, but you can filter users in order to see only those with specific working association statuses and use the search bar to look for specific users.

Each card shows the user’s avatar and name.

  1. Besides personal data, every card shows the following details:
  2. Expired Certifications. Certifications that have expired. Click on this field to access the team member’s certifications page.
  3. Overdue Courses. Courses where the user’s enrollment date has expired with either a soft or a hard due date. Click on this field to access the team member’s User Summary
  4. If the user is in turn the manager of another team, you will be able to see their team members too, by clicking on View Team.
  5. Click on the ellipsis menu in the user card to:
  6. Send Email. use this option to contact the user via email.
  7. A slideout panel will open with the user’s email address automatically filled in. Type the email subject (this field is mandatory), then add your message into the corresponding text field and press Send Email to complete the action.Please note: The Send Email option is not available when there is no email address associated with the user and that the email address of the recipient cannot be modified.
  8. Enroll to Courses / Enroll to Learning Plans. You may see these options for your team members and for the people reporting to them. Use them to enroll your team members to courses or learning plans for which you have visibility.
  9. Make your selection and click Next to see the additional information defined for the selected courses and learning plans (if any) and a recap of the courses into which you are enrolling your team member.
  10. Depending on how your Training Administrator setup the system, you might be able to set an enrollment deadline for e-learning courses.
  11. Click “CONFIRM” to finish enrolling the team member in the course.
  12. Remove from Team Use this option to remove the user from your team. When a user is removed, you will no longer see their card in the My Team page, and you will have to send a new request to users to place them back in your team.
  13. Click “CONFIRM” to finish removing them.
  14. User Summary Report Use this option to access the main page of the User Summary of the selected team member, in view mode. See our guide on the Viewing Learner Completion Data for more information on the User Summary Report

Note: Other than showing user details, cards also help you in understanding whether a user’s status in the platform needs your attention with colored alerts and warning messages:

  • Take a Look. This alert identifies users with at least one warning between courses with expired enrollment or expired certifications.
  • Looks Good. This message identifies users with a good status.
  • No Data Available. This message is shown when the user has no available data to show, perhaps because the user is new and no data has been recorded yet.
  • New. This message identifies users who have been added to the team within the last 15 days.

Performing Operations on a Selection of Users
  Creating Your Team

  1. If you have permission to add a team member, a plus button will be visible in the top right corner of the page.
  2. In the slideout panel, insert the email address of the team member you would like to add to your team, then select the type of association you would like to create with them.
  3. Press Add Team Members to complete the action. The user will then be asked to confirm your request for association upon their next login to the platform. Please note that the team member must have a valid email address associated with their account in order to be added to a team.

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