Creating & Managing Groups

Creating & Managing Groups

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to manage groups in a learning platform. It explains the benefits of using groups to categorize users based on specific characteristics and how to create groups manually or using automatic rules. The guide also explains how to add users to groups manually or through CSV upload, and provides an option to export the users’ list in CSV format. This guide is helpful for training administrators who want to target specific user segments within the platform.


Users can be categorized based on groups. Groups are useful whenever there is a set of users with characteristics that are different than those determining the branches of the organization chart. You can create groups manually, or using automatic rules (please contact to setup automatic enrollment rules).

To identify specific user segments, you can use the user additional fields that capture important user attributes. These fields may include information such as Job Title, Hire Date, Department, Location, Manager, Product, Employee Status, or anything else that may be valuable to track within the platform. By creating multiple groups, you as a training administrator can easily target various user segments for use in the platform.

Adding Users to the System

  1. Before users can be added to groups, they must have accounts. Below is a simplified version of the bulk upload user creation process. For a more detailed guide, please see the Bulk Uploads and Status Changes of Users guide. If your users already have accounts, you can skip this section.
  2. Put together your user file using your own format or use our template. Save it as a .csv.
  3. Login to your account on and click Manage My Learners.
  4. Click on “Import and Manage”, then click “CSV”
  5. Upload your file, then click “Confirm.”
  6. Map your headers, then import the file. Once that’s done, return to the Admin Panel.

Creating Groups

  1. To create a new group, log into the platform as the Superadmin and access the Admin menu from the gear icon in the top right corner of the platform.
  2. In the Admin Menu, press the Groups item in the E-learning section.
  3. On the main Groups page, press the plus button in the top right corner.
  4. In the New Group right panel, assign a name and, optionally, a description to the group. Then, choose the policy for the group’s population process and press Create and edit.

Manually Add Users to Groups

Note: You must create users in the system before they can be added to the group. See our guides on bulk uploading users, providing self-registration links, or manually creating users for more details.

  1. To manually assign users to the group move to the Users tab.
  2. To manually assign specific users or copy users from other groups, click on Assign users in the top right corner.
  3. Choose now whether you want to populate the group by selecting users individually, by copying the users already assigned to other groups, or by copying users from a branch.

Associating users to group via CSV files

  1. As a TA, you can associate users to either a manual or an automatic group using CSV files. To do so, click on the group name on the Groups management page, and click on the Manage group associations via CSV button in the top right corner of the page.
    A slideout panel will open on the right side of the page for the CSV file upload. For a successful upload, it is important to create a properly formatted CSV file. Download the sample CSV file for an example of file formatting. Once your file is ready, either drag and drop it into the upload section of the slideout panel or click the upload area to find the file.
    If you used a bulk upload to create users, you can use the same file to add users to a group.
    Please note that the maximum file size for CSV files is 3MB.
  2. It is possible to export the users’ list in CSV format by clicking on the Export users’ list as CSV button in the top right corner.

    Note: For more information about bulk user uploads, see our Bulk Upload guide.

Automated Group Enrollments

Note: Automatic groups allow you to create dynamic groups that get populated by users matching one or more conditions. Thanks to these automatisms, users are also automatically removed from automatic groups when they no longer match the conditions regulating their population.

To request an automated group, please email us at

Automated group enrollments can be based on a number of conditions:

Enrollment status based condition

Use this condition to assign users to the group depending on their status in a course.  As an example, you may want to include all of the users who have completed the Driver Safety Fundamentals course in an Approved Drivers group.

User additional fields based condition

Use this condition to assign users to the group depending on the value of a user’s additional field.

Additional fields include:

  1. Institutional ID
  2. Department
  3. Role
  4. Start Date
  5. Student or Employee
  6. Supervisor

User Fields Based Condition

Use this condition to assign users to the group based on the user standard fields:

Email address: automatically assign users to the group depending on whether their email address contains the keyword entered after selecting this option. You can enter a keyword per every condition configured.

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