Creating & Configuring Learning Plans

Creating & Configuring Learning Plans

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to create learning plans, add courses to them, and enroll learners. It also covers important settings such as deadlines, expiration dates, and certificates of completion.If you would like to talk about automating part of this process, please reach out to

Note: Learning plans are curated sequences of courses that form the backbone of personalized learning journeys, fostering individual growth and reinforcing institutional risk management practices.

Whether assigned to individual users, branches, or groups, learning plans serve as crafted learning experiences, guiding learners through structured pathways of courses and resources.

Accessing the Admin Menu

  1. Login to your account on
  2. From the Admin panel, click on the gear icon to access the Admin Menu.

Creating a New Learning Plan

  1. Click on the Learning plans item in the E-learning section
  2. The main element of the Learning plans page is the table listing all the learning plans created in the platform. You can customize the table layout to show only the columns that are relevant to you. To do so, click on Columns and select the columns (up to nine) to include in the table. Use the Change position command to drag and drop the columns in the list, sorting them according to your needs.
  3. To create a learning plan, click on the plus button and select New learning plan.
  4. In the slideout panel, fill in the learning plan basic details:
  •  Name: Set the learning plan title so that it is simple and clear. Enter your learning plan name. Use the naming convention of: your institution’s name + a description of the learning plan.     Example: UEUniversityAnnualTraining
  • Short description: It is displayed under the title of the learning plan on the learning plan page. Use it to add extra context to the title when needed.
  • Description: The learning plan description helps users to have a better idea of what they will learn. Configure the description layout using the available formatting options, as well as include links and images.

Setting Deadlines and Expirations

    1. To add deadlines and expiration dates, click “Settings”
    2. If you would like learners to be able to self-enroll in this learning path, you can add it to the course catalogue by clicking this box.
    3. To create a deadline, enter how many days this learning plan will be valid.
    4. The expiration can start based on the day they first access a course in the learning plan, or after they are enrolled in the learning plan by a training administrator.
    5. To set a certificate of completion, select it from this dropdown menu.
    6. The Content Retraining field lets you set how often you’d like learners to retake the learning plan.
    7. Click, “Confirm” to save your learning plan.
  • Adding Courses to the Learning Plan
    1. To assign courses to a learning plan, move to the learning plan Courses tab. Click the button highlighted in the orange circle below to open up the Assign Courses menu.
    2. Then, click “Assign Courses.”
    3. Select the checkbox next to the courses you’d like to include in your learning plan.
    4. You can select multiple courses.
    5. Click, “Confirm,” to save your choices.
    6. You can rearrange the course order by clicking on the four-way-arrow symbol and dragging the course up or down.
    7. To remove a course from a learning plan, click the box next to the course’s title to select it, then select, “Delete,” from the dropdown in the righthand corner.
  • PrerequisitesIndependently from the course sequence, you can arrange the hierarchy of courses in a learning plan, ensuring that learners must complete a prerequisite course before enrolling in another, potentially more advanced course. The course that must be completed first is the prerequisite for the following course.To configure prerequisites, while on the Courses tab, identify the course requiring prerequisites and click on the icon of the Prerequisites column in the corresponding row. In the Set prerequisites panel that opens, select the prerequisite courses and click on Next. In the Completion options tab of the panel, set whether learners must complete all the prerequisite courses or only a number of them. When selecting the second option, type the number of required prerequisite courses.
  • Enrolling Learners
  1. To add learners, go back to the Learning Plan page.
  2. Then click on the, “Enroll Users,” button next to the Add Courses button.
  3. Click “Assign Users”
  4. You can enroll specific learners, groups, or your entire branch. You can create a group after creating the learning plan, then go back and add them in later..
  5. Click, “Confirm,” to save your enrollments
  6. You can edit the details or settings for the learning plan at any time by clicking on the pencil icon.

Note: Any user added to a group after the group is enrolled in the learning plan will not be enrolled in the learning plan.  They will need to be manually added, or the group will need to be removed and readded.

Deleting a Learning Plan

  1. To delete a learning plan, from the Learning plans page, identify the plan and click on the red X at the end of it row, then check the “Yes, I want to proceed!” box and confirm.

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