Manually Creating a New User

Manually Creating a New User

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to manually create a new user in a learning management system. It covers important details such as choosing a unique username, setting email addresses, password requirements, and optional fields. It also explains how to create managers and provides tips for managing user accounts.

1.Navigate to

2. Click on “Manage My Learners.”

3. Click the plus sign to create a new user.

4.Then click the person icon.


It should be unique, but easily identifiable for both you and your users. We strongly recommend using the learner’s email address for their username.


By default, the learner’s level will be User. Contact launch@ue.orgto elevate a learner account to a training administrator, or see our guide on managers to make a user a team manager.

7. Email

While providing email addresses is optional, it is strongly recommended. Make sure that email addresses are unique across the platform; if there are multiple accounts with the same email address, the platform will send communications to the first account in alphabetical order, potentially causing messages to reach the wrong person.

8.First and last name

While inserting the first and last name of the user is not required, it is highly recommended so other areas of your platform such as notifications and certificates can display the user’s full name.

9. Email validation status

You can set the email value as verified or unverified from the corresponding dropdown field. If left as, “Unverified,” the learner will be prompted to verify it later.

10. Password

Password must include both letters and numbers. Users will receive an error message if they try to create a password with only letters or numbers. Additionally, they will receive an error message if they use three consecutive letters or three consecutive numbers.

Password must be different from the username. Users will receive an error message if they try to create a password that matches their usernames.

11.Force users to change their password at first login

This option forces a user to change his or her password upon the first login to the platform. We highly recommend enabling this.


Set an expiration date to automatically deactivate the user upon reaching it. Press the calendar icon, then select a date on the calendar to set an expiration date. To remove a user’s expiration date, press the X icon next to the field.

13. Activate user at the end of creation process

By activating this option, the user will be created as soon as you press Create User upon filling out all of the pages of the slide-out form.

14. Send User has been created (by administrator) notification to new user

This option is active by default. Upon creating the new user, the User has been created (by training administrator) will be sent to the email address that you added for the user. Please see more about this option in the corresponding following section.

15. Click “NEXT” to continue.

16. Select your institution’s branch from the list, then click “NEXT” to continue.

Note: Learners who are not in the correct branch will not show up in your reports later!

Optional Fields

17. All of the fields on this page are optional. They may be useful to help you manage your groups or learning plans. They can also be useful if you would like to use automatic enrollment rules in the future.

18. Putting a name in the “Training Administrator (TA)” field will display the name on the learner’s landing page. This is a good way to let them know who to contact if they run into issues with the training. Click “NEXT” to continue.

19. If the user is not a manager, you can press Create user at the bottom of the panel to finish the creation process. Press Review to review all of the details that you have configured, or press Previous to go back and edit the details.

Once the user is created, you can enroll the user directly into courses, or learning plans. If you’re creating a manager, refer to the following section

Creating Managers

20. On this page, you can list a user’s direct manager, TA manager, or make them a manager of their own group.


You can edit users after they’ve been created to make them Managers. The next section will show you how to make the user a manager as part of the New User Creation process.

21. To make this user a manager, click “This user manages a team.”

22. Click the “Users” field and enter the names of the people this user manages.

23. Click “Review” to verify the information you’ve entered.

24. Click “Create User” to finish making the user’s account.


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